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At Comfortably Collared, we didn't start with the idea of being a high fashion brand. We started out of pure frustration from re-tucking our shirts every time we got up from our desks or reached for something above shoulder level. We started because no one needs the appearance of extra pounds around the waist when their shirt isn't perfectly tailored. We wanted a brand that could be worn off the shelf, soft, comfortable, and fit great on our athletic/slim physiques. And thus, Comfortably Collared was born: our own brand of men’s slim fit clothing.

Every fabric in our line is the result of an endless amount of ongoing research. Each material chosen has a specific purpose and a role in our specially composed blends. Our fabrics, as well as the fit, are continually tested and improved upon throughout the product life, thanks to our faithful customers and their invaluable feedback to help us accomplish our goals. We know that comfort and style can go together in everyday clothing and are not willing to sacrifice either.